We have been following the worldwide episode of Covid-19 with incredible worry in the course of the most recent couple of weeks and staying up with the latest every day with the most recent proposals from the WHO and government announcements.

At this concerning time for every one of us, it is imperative to the point that we as a whole join in diminishing the effect of this infection on our kin, our families, our networks and our organizations. The security of our group and our customers is at the bleeding edge of our choices as a business.

Consequently, we have been further preparing our organization in the course of the most recent fourteen days to work remotely, guaranteeing the wellbeing of our group and their families as we face this infection together. We will completely finish on this move inside the following 24 hours and a few of our group have been doing as such for the last 7-10 days. Given we are carefully focussed, the entirety of our work forms are on the web and we have a noteworthy IT and server foundation set up to guarantee business congruity and entomb partner correspondence with the entirety of our customers.

As an inventive media organization with a differing customer base and various long haul contracts underway and on our books, we’ll continue our business commitments over the coming weeks and are all around set to do as such with no critical interferences.

As we as a whole move into an obscure era together may I wrap up by saying that we are effectively asking the entirety of our clients to attempt to keep up self-restraint in their choices over their promoting exercises over the coming many months. Normally, financial plans, gainfulness and income are under the spotlight at the present time – in any case, it is indispensable that we as a whole keep proactive in discussing plainly with our customer base, that we attempt to decrease the effect of any diminished times of deals lastly that we are prepared for business to rise again when the infection appeases and leaves; regardless of whether that be in weeks or months.

This is an opportunity to be innovative, community and steady of each other as we face this together, kindly don’t stop for a second to reach myself or some other individual from Adworks in the event that we can be of any help to you and your business as of now.

Remain protected and good luck to you and yours over the coming a long time as we as a whole face this together.

Warm respects,

Ian Robertson – Founder

© 2020 Adworks.